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Les bouffeurs de riz a Pekin

Nous vivons à Pékin. Ce blog est une tranche de notre vie et vous montre les différences culturelles entre français et chinois.
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Abenteuer China: Peking

Ich blogge über unseren Alltag in Peking, erzähle von Reisen, Ausflügen und Erlebnissen, mit und ohne Kinder. :)
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Category: Expat life



Ein bayerisches Madl lebt für ein paar Jahre in Tianjin, China und möchte ihre Erfahrungen mit der Welt teilen :-)
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An American Girl in China

Adventures in Shanghai
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Arnaud in China

Pékin est une ville formidable. Racontée en français et en images.
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Being Dutch in Asia

A blog about my experiences of working as an expat in China and Hong Kong.
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Category: Expat life


Due pazzi (?) per la Cina

This blog wants to describe the adventures and the disadventures of a couple that, all of a sudden, was catapultated in such a particular country as China!
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Ni Hao Y'all! US Southerners living in Shanghai

Offering credible Internet resources for living and working in Shanghai, China. Expat resources offered by expats. See relocation resources, blog, videos,...
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Category: Expat life


Volksrepublik China - Leben im Reich der Mitte

In meinem Blog berichte ich von meinem täglichen Leben als Englischlehrer an einer Hochschule im Süden Chinas. Neben meinem Hauptjob mache ich kleinere Jobs...
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Ting Ting's Nest

Ich heiße Ting Ting und lebe zur Zeit in China und möchte euch auf meinen Blog etwas über China, die Mode, das Essen, mein Alltag und vieles mehr erzählen....
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You're Not From Around Here Are You?

After travelling, living, working and volunteering in over 90 countries, I've ended up as an expat in China
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The Peterson Family

My family and I are from the US. We moved to Xian, China in 2008 to study Chinese and love on all the Chinese friends we make. Currently I teach english as...
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The Other Europe

I'm a writer and teacher searching for glimpses of the Europe that tourists rarely see. I aim for interesting, narrative-driven posts, concise news items, and...
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An American Girl's Adventures

A year and a half after we had an incredible three year stint in Shanghai, China, my husband and I decided to continue exploring the world outside the US. This...
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Un peu plus à l'ouest

I am a french postdoc in biology. I'm an intermittent of science! After few yeras in Canada, I live now in China. This blog allow to describe my adventures and...
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