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This blog realy helpt me when I first came to Chengdu! It has all kinds of information that helps you get around in Chengdu. It realy helps to make you live...
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Emerald City Erin

This is my space to share my experiences, of living in Suzhou, with friends, family and anyone that is thinking about moving abroad. Enjoy!
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Category: Expat life


The Ruby Ronin

I write about the happenings of China and Japan, the stumbles in language learning, my adventures in dating in Asia and the trials and tribulations of a...
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Tatter Scoops

Colorful scoops of a mix-marriage couple, ex-nomads, with one toddler in tow. A place where the slightly Americanized wife/mom/woman channels her mundane...
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I started my blog to describe our experience of expat life with kids in Pardubice, CZ, but later extended to writing about our previous years in China, Russia,...
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From Lincolnshire to Shanghai..

Just my ramblings about life 6000 miles from home..
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Andis Kaulins in China

The adventures and thoughts of a Canadian married to a Chinese woman in Wuxi, China
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Wanderlust is an expat and travel blog for the global nomad who wants to fit in with the locals.
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A Kindle in Hong Kong

A Kindle in Hong Kong is a book blog that includes reviews of travel memoirs, classics, contemporary fiction, and books about China. I include photos of Hong...
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This Ridiculous World

China is Ridiculous! Our photographs and writing proves it beyond a doubt. Come see!
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Donuts to Dumplings

Donuts to Dumplings is a blog by two small town kids who fell in love with each other, traveling, and adventures. This love of the unexpected has led us to jump...
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Category: Expat life Diary


Michael Tyler in China

I've traveled 52 countries and stayed in many of the best hotels, eaten in the best restaurants.
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Expatriate Games

An America experiencing mid-life in The Middle Kingdom, living in, working for and learning about China. I agreed to teach English to the masses to get here. I...
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The Flying Pork Knuckle

These are the stories of a male trailing spouse. Getting weird and going pro. My mission: To Keep people from twiddling their thumbs.
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Expat Financial Guy

Information, views and discussion regarding everything to do with money, finance and investing for anyone living and working away from their home country.
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Category: Expat life


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