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3rd Culture Children

3rd culture children
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Bright Purple Rain Boots: An American Expat Dodging Sna

Follow the adventures of a sun-worshipping cat and book lover recently transplanted, with a bit of kicking and screaming, to the cold and rainy UK. Spousal...
[Hits: 51 - Added: 08-11-10]



A blog about Iceland, nightlife, adventure, traveling, eating, bathing, recovering, hiking and much more.
[Hits: 37 - Added: 12-04-11]


Girl in London: An American Girl in London

A personal perspective on London from a girl from the American suburbs. I cover everything from great things to see and do, to how to settle down in the city...
[Hits: 34 - Added: 10-06-13]

Category: Expat life


Molly´s Playground

Fun blog about living in Granada & Andalucia, Ideas for Expats to improve their cultural experience while in Spain.
[Hits: 21 - Added: 06-12-11]


Sunny in London

A Florida girl's guide to finding sun and fun in London for visitors, expats and Londoners.
[Hits: 12 - Added: 19-01-14]


Expat Vault

Advance your career without sacrificing your wanderlust and make lifelong friends abroad.
[Hits: 10 - Added: 30-07-21]


Great Love Expat-tations

Advice, perspectives, networking and new ideas on culture shock and relationships.
[Hits: 6 - Added: 17-12-13]

Category: Expat life


Ramblings of Robert

It's an international travel and lifestyle blog. We cover a myriad of topics, including food, astronomy. To assist fellow expats seeking to marry a Malaysian...
[Hits: 2 - Added: 18-12-17]


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