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Out of South Africa

A sardonic look at South Africa's current affairs
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The View From The Great Wall!

My experiences travelling and living in China
[Hits: 405 - Added: 04-10-13]



Ideas, thoughts and comments on life in the Middle East and Sweden.
[Hits: 405 - Added: 21-08-11]


Foreign Girl

An American woman's journey in Saudi Arabia, learning those things about their society and mine - whether funny, maddening, baffling, inspiring, heartbreaking,...
[Hits: 405 - Added: 13-04-14]


A Flamingo in Italy

Exploring the art, culture, food and more of Italy in general, and Bologna in particular. This is a look at my new life in Italy as I get to surround myself...
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De Paris à Londres

Parisien de naissance, j'essaye de profiter de cette double culture pour porter un oeil critique ou souligner des points sympathiques qui peuvent toucher les...
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My Thai friend

Expatriate life in Thailand seen through the eyes of an Englishman living happily amongst the Thai people in a small village near Prachuap Khiri Khan. A mixed...
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Wellington Road

A blow-by-blow description of an introverted American expat mum trying to find her way.
[Hits: 404 - Added: 14-08-09]


Michael Tyler in China

I've traveled 52 countries and stayed in many of the best hotels, eaten in the best restaurants.
[Hits: 404 - Added: 20-04-13]


Babelfish Writes

Bolivia, politics, observations, and funny things the dogs here do.
[Hits: 404 - Added: 06-01-16]


Sparrow Chat

"Sparrow Chat" is the website/blog of R.J.Adams, a British writer living in America.
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Category: Social/Politic



Le blog de Ludovic Windsor sur la France vue de l'Etranger... et mon opinion sur tout le reste!
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Across the Pond

Across the Pond's subtitle is Culture, Lifestyle, Politics: An Immigrant from Austria Explores L.A. and America Beyond It. That sums it up pretty well.
[Hits: 404 - Added: 20-01-11]


La vie francaise

Join me on a champagne-filled adventure as I try to overcome the language barrier, my many cultural faux pas and my adversion to cheek kissing and all forms of...
[Hits: 404 - Added: 26-07-11]


The Rambling Epicure

The Rambling Epicure is a daily international food chronicle, and the first online newspaper to follow global food trends and news.
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