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A Note from Brazil

Observations and adventures of an American woman living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with her husband and dog.
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Alan David

Alan | Conhecer mais sobre Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Carros, Logins, Mulheres, Games, Tecnologia e como usar no dia-a-dia. Conhecimento e prática.
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American Nostalgia in Brazil

Its a journey. A small document of my many life changes and how I come out on the other side. i am very opinionated and blunt, sorry for that. However I am...
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Becoming Brazilian

I'm a British woman who finds herself living as an ex-pat in Rio de Janeiro with a Brazilian husband and two dual nationality kids. My blog follows my quest to...
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Reflections on living and teaching English in Salvador, Brazil.
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Brazilian Gringo

Brazilian Gringo is the go to resource for everything about Teaching English in Brazil, learning Portuguese and understanding Brazilian culture.
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My blog is basically about my life, my experiences, thoughts and opinions from a geographical, cultural and emotional perspective. It's a work in progress, an...
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Brynn in Brazil

Coconut Water is home to the thoughts and stories from an American expat living in Vitoria, Brazil with her multicultural family. After more than 9 years in...
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The blog is about how a move like this can give you new insights in to yourself, your surroundings and the life you left behind. I try to link my new...
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Creelman...does Brazil!

My (often humorous) experiences as an English teacher, living and working in Sao Paulo.
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