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A Beginners Guide to Copenhagen Marathon

A running fitness blog about a complete beginner training for Copenhagen Marathon 2011. Every run, every race and everything inbetween is written about leading...
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A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife

"Inside the looking glass, the reality may not be hell, but it sure isn't heaven either. Hockey wives are wives and mothers like anyone else. But married...
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Afaranwide is a travel blog written by Colin Simpson and Sue Brattle, a married couple who are expats, travellers and tourists. We write about our experiences...
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Amor's Running & Yoga Diaries

Unsolicited thoughts of a Pinay runner and yogi in Dubai
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Backpacking Scuba Diver

Backpacking Scuba Diver is a blog about scuba and scuba travel written from my perspective. It focuses on what I learn and find interesting as I pursue a career...
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Blij Bomen!

It's about me. And everything around me. Described by me. Even read by me.
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Circuit Rider CZ

The blog describes my self-imposed challenge to cycle around the entire border of the Czech Republic. For me it's an aid to planning and a record of my journey....
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50 Shades of Pleasure (CoffeeAndCakes) and Pain (Running&Exercise)
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