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Simply Sierra

Travel blog + life as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kosovo
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Spend Life Traveling

A combination of posts about life as an expat, traveling the world and some of the destinations I have visited all over the world. If you are thinking about...
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Stickers on our Suitcases

A current accompanying partner in transition. I share the humorous and challenging sides of new cultural experiences and moving, my experiments in finding...
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The Bucketlist

Resources about Ecuador for the savvy traveller. What´s on your bucketlist for Ecuador?
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The Kathmanduo

From Chicago to Kathmandu: Two Type-A go-getters trade life in corporate skyscrapers for expat adventure on the Roof of the World. Follow The Kathmanduo as we...
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The Meanderthals

We are Frank (Skip) and Gabrielle (Gabi) Yetter, travelers, foodies and former media executives.
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Tim in Tamale

A VSO volunteer in northern Ghana
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Volunteer in Honduras

The best way to know another culture, country and its people is while volunteering. We are offering a lot of different volunteer opportunities. Honduras depends...
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A young{ish} Ugandan wife relocates from the Kampala potholes to the London Underground.
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Window to Bulgaria

The blog is primarily for those who have never been fortunate enough to visit Bulgaria. Maybe it will inspire you to visit. Maybe you will be content to live...
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