Latitude Adjustment

We are John and Susan Pazera, ex-pats and wanderers currently living in beautiful El Retiro, Colombia. Through this blog, we share info about our latest travels and the ex-pat life in this vibrant and scenic country!

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latitude adjustment

US American US American expat living in Colombia

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  • About me: We are John and Susan, Retired traveling ex-pats living in Colombia.After almost a decade of “what ifs,” dreaming, and planning, we moved to the highlands of Western Panama in April 2015. We arrived there from Long Beach, California with two big dog crates, two sweet dogs, and not much more, to find out what lay around the next bend. In 2018, the four of us made another move from Panama to Colombia, the jumping-off point for our South American travels. After two years in Medellín, Colombia’s second-largest city, we’ve now relocated to the nearby town of El Retiro. Our original decision to become ex-pats was in the works for many years. After it came to fruition, we started this blog as our way of sharing our experience. Our hope is that you too will be inspired to jump out of your comfort zone and find the thing that floats your boat — and perhaps even plan an escape of your own!
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