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Jadore Lyon

My name is Aga and I am addicted to shopping! So I have become ShopaholicFromHome who loves to shop from home. But this is not all. I have thousands of ideas...
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Je ne suis pas d'ici / I am not from here

Bilingual blog (French / English) of an Asian Canadian expat living in France. Living in France for 6 years, and still struggling to adapt to the country. I...
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Jumping Off Books

I write about life - the joys and the challenges, with a positive twist I hope! We are privileged to have chosen to leave our 'homeland(s)' and make our home...
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Kiwis Say Oui

From New Zealand to Bordeaux, France. This is a blog about travel with kids, faux pas and how we decided to say oui to a year living on the other side of the...
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La Famille Brown

Tales of an English family living in France
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La vie francaise

Join me on a champagne-filled adventure as I try to overcome the language barrier, my many cultural faux pas and my adversion to cheek kissing and all forms of...
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Languedoc property

The purpose of this blog is to provide anecdotes about life in the Languedoc, and France generally, and practical tips and advice for expats and those...
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Laurel Zuckerman's Paris Weblog

Inside tips on understanding and loving France, with a touch of humor. As a special feature for writers: Paris Writers News.
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Le cul entre les deux chaises

An American Spaniard in France -- hilarity ensues, usually at my expense
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Le Jardin Perdu

My blog is all about the joys and tribulations of gardening in France. I also write about the wildflowers and wildlife I discover in France.
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