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In 2014 we packed our 2 kids age 6 month and 3 years and moved to Germany and in 2018 we moved again to Pittsburgh in the United States. We wanted to live overseas, experience living in a different country and a different culture. We knew we wanted to do some travel but we didn’t realise we would get to 26 countries in our first 2 years. We thought that travelling with kids would be difficult, slower paced and more limiting. What we didn’t realise was that travelling with kids would be incredibly rewarding. Slowing down and taking our time would allow us new experiences. And even though they wouldn’t remember much, if anything, of each experience, the memories we made watching them would become some of our most treasured. I love sharing my travels with other people and helping them plan their own trips so now here I am sharing my best travel advice all in one place for anyone to access.


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Happiness Travels Here

New Zealand  expat living in Germany

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  • About me: Hi I'm Kaylie. I grew up in New Zealand and moved to Germany with my husband, 3-year-old and newborn in 2014. We then moved on to the United States in 2018. I love family travel, international food, nature, photography and health and wellness.
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