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Welcome Hub Germany produces English guides to help people move to Germany. Our goal is to remove uncertainty from the relocation process by providing you with the knowledge and tools to settle in Germany, one step at a time. From opening a bank account and finding an apartment to applying for a visa and landing a job, we break down German bureaucracy into simple, accomplishable steps to help make Germany more accessible for job seekers, workers and students alike.


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UK British UK British expat living in Germany

  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 05-04-91
  • Move: United Kingdom  Germany
  • Interest: Helping expats move to Germany!
  • About me: I moved to Berlin from the UK in 2015. Setting up in Germany was difficult as there was very limited online information about how to find an apartment and job, what insurance to sign up for, which bank to open, etc. Since then I have retrained as a relocation consultant and now dedicate my time to helping other expats get settled in Germany.


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