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I have started my blog Amsterdamming to both collect and share my experiences in this beautiful city.
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Aussie girl looking for paradise ends up in Amsterdam
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A California Girl (CG) Lifestyle Blog
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AmsterDive is a project with a very personal accent as it explores my own relashionship with Amsterdam – and The Netherlands, and everything in them i feel...
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An expat´s view of Dutch politics

Nicola Chadwick is a journalist and translator who has lived in Amsterdam for the last 26 years. After taking Dutch nationality last year, she voted in her...
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An Italian Family in Dutch Wonderland

This is the story of a family that relocates to Nijmegen, The Netherlands. While Daddy is at work, Momma and the children discover this beautiful country. Of...
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As Soup As Possible

As Soup As Possible is a blog based on soup as a metaphor of cosiness, nutritiousness and sharing.
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Baby The Great

A New Amsterdammer (read: I'm from NYC) living in (old) Amsterdam w my husband, our son and cat. I talk about motherhood and expat life and tons of other things...
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Blog Hello World

The blog is in both Spanish and English languages and is all about Holland and living abroad. There I tell my experiences living in Holland, places to visit,...
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California Relish

My blog is about relishing the beauty of everyday living, sharing inspiration and embracing some (often humorous) cultural contrasts as a California native...
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