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Like a sponge

Likeasponge is about learning Dutch and making a fool of yourself learning Dutch. It's also about the odd things different cultures do and how they are only odd...
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Little Big Traveler

Little Big Traveler is a blog about my everyday life as an expat in The Netherlands. I write about events, food, culture, day trip ideas and many more.
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Local Abroad

Reflections of a Canadian eco-geek living in the Netherlands.
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Maastricht Minutiae

Maastricht Minutiae was born from my desire to share our experience with friends and family and my perceived lack of support in the Maastricht region for...
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Mermaid On A Bicycle

Mermaid on a Bicycle is a blog about adaptation and chronicles the abandon of sunshine and blue skies for the experience of the gray unknown. Join in my...
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Mo Travels

Globetrotting wife and mom wants to travel the world, and run it to. A blog about my journey as a mother, expat, runner and traveler.
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Munt Thee: Life in Amsterdam

hile preparing for my move back to Amsterdam, I searched for blogs, websites, anything online about ongoing events, stories, portraits about the city and found...
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Naija Expat in Holland

Naija expat in Holland is a place where I journal my experiences in The Netherlands as an Expat. I share my thoughts and experiences as I juggle family, work &...
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Naturally Global

Naturally Global is a lifestyle and wellness blog about creating a healthy and natural life while living and traveling abroad with a focus on the challenges and...
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Nether Netherland

An expat lifestyle and travel blog by a British girl in the Netherlands
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