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An American in Norway, a Citizen of the World

... sharing my life as an expat and a traveler through words and photos
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Bergen Photo Walks

THe blog of Bergen Photo Walks, guiding photographers around the picturesque city of Bergen, Norway.
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California Girl in Norway

I just moved to Oslo from California for my amazing Norwegian boyfriend (what other reason would someone move from CA to Oslo if not for a boy right?).
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Culture Shock

My blog is about living as an expat in Norway and my travels around the world.
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Edge of the Arctic

Tales of a Yankee Adventurer in Norway:
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Everybody Knows This is Norway

Noting differences in attitudes toward school, parenting, cultural differences in general, struggles, language, music and anything really!
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From There To Here

In July 2010, my husband and I left our normal life in Canada for an adventurous one abroad. Starting in Gabon, West Africa, we learnt more than we could...
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Le coq à la crète noire

All about cross country skiing in the Oslo area of Norway. I seriously got the ski bug when I moved here and went over 1500km my first season. My blog shares...
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Life After Manila

My life and experiences when I left Manila.
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Category: Expat life Diary


Life in Norway

A British expat's travel, culture, language and photography blog.
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