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21st Century Mummy

21st Century Mummy is about the life, loves and lessons of an expat mum in Singapore. I write about expat life, bringing up kids in an expat world, what to do...
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A Measure of All Things

The musings of a South African living in Singapore about life, relationships and travel.
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A Total TaiTai Tale

I post a picture EVERY SINGLE day (since 4th August 2013!!)… sometimes cheeky, sometimes interesting, sometimes boring about life in Singapore (and Beijing...
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A Walk to Zen

The blog is about travel, business, foods and books.
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Adventures of an Expat Mum

A normal Mum of 2 boys (and a dog) describes the trials and tribulations of moving a family across the world from the UK to Singapore. Join us as we explore...
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Aussie Pete

Blog of our day to day events and happenings as they relate to our life living and working overseas. The most read and subscribed to expat blog in Singapore....
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Blinkman Buzz

Never a dull day. Ever.
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Brave Or Just Crazy

As a mother of three, with a traveling husband, I will tell you, life in my house is never dull. Join me as I explore our new surroundings in Singapore, travel...
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American expat gal living life in Singapore. New to the blog world writing about my travel adventures, expat experiences in Singers & whatever tickles my...
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Diary of a cycling widow

Following the ups and downs of the life of a cycling widow... now with the additional challenge of a new life in Singapore.
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