The Dubious Hausfrau

My blog started after I left a job I had for about 3 years. I was a burnt out fundraising professional looking to recapture what made me happy. I was trying to find myself again. Then we moved to Switzerland and it became my way to explain to friends, family and anyone else who stumbled on my little corner of the internet what it was like to move 7000 kms away from the familiar. It is also my way of telling others that living in Switzerland isn't all Skiing, Chocolate and fondue. It's sometimes freak outs, steep learning curves and not being understood.

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The Dubious Hausfrau

Canada  expat living in Switzerland

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: Canada  Switzerland
  • Interest: travel, writing, photography, adventuring
  • About me: I moved to Switzerland from Manitoba Canada with my husband in July 2011. I blog about everything from learning to love kayaking to trying to find brown sugar in the grocery store. When I'm not writing I am an explorer and adventurer finding time to hike and tour chocolate factories.


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