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To The Days Like This

My blog is an honest, laid back and humorous account of my life as a 20-something Aussie girl in London, with the occasional trip over to Europe.
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Tony's World

Life experiences of a Cajun transplant moving forward through life.
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Travel With Cooky

My name is Ryan, and I am here to debunk the myth that you have to be a millionaire to travel frequently. On my site, I am here to help people travel more for...
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Urban Pixxels

Dutch expat living in London. Blogging about my new London life, traveling and photography. Follow me on my quest to become a true Londoner.
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Life is so repetitive but it is our duty to make it fun!
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Voluntary Exile

Meanderings and musings around Expat Life as an American woman living in the UK for the past 3 years
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A young{ish} Ugandan wife relocates from the Kampala potholes to the London Underground.
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Wayfarer in the UK

Just everyday life of an expat in the UK. Some drawings, pictures, thoughts.
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What Do I Know?

I write about life in the UK as a somewhat bewildered American.
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Where The Heart Is

Just your average American girl who loved London so much, she decided to pack up her life and move there. Here is where I blog about my life preparing and...
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