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Expatriate, I am dedicated to assist my fellow global citizens embrace their assignment or their life abroad. I share articles related to the expatriation process, I post tips to release stress, to overcome communication challenges and to understand how differences are opportunities to grow in any area of our life. As a professional Expat Coach, Executive Coach and Life Coach, I help people to empower themselves.

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French French expat living in Florida

  • Gender: Female
  • Move: France  Usa
  • Interest: Cultural Awareness, Salsa, Yoga, Global Leadership
  • About me: Executive, Expat and Life Coach, I had a remarkable success in assisting others in achieving their goals and in accomplishing their dreams. I especially focus on Executives, Entrepreneurs, Expatriates and their family. My goal is to be the vehicle to their success in reducing stress and strengthening leadership skills, adapting in a new cultural environment, finding a purpose in their life. My coaching experience includes a special talent for helping others to make significant changes in their professional and personal lives. Being an expatriate myself, I thoroughly deeply understands the challenges faced by those who consider moving from one culture to another. I have made a success of her international coaching practice because I assist others to transform these challenges into leadership opportunities just as I has done it myself.


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